Covering over 20,000 Sq Ft. and equipped with most modern manufacturing machineries as well as sophisticated testing equipments,
Avon Seals is the largest manufacturer of Mechanical Seals for the domestic and agricultural pumps in India.

Avon Seals Private Limited is the largest manufacturer of Mechanical Seals for the domestic and agricultural pumps in India and is situated at G-1 & G-2, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai, South India.

Today, the company caters to more than 70% of the OEM segment of domestic and agricultural pump sector in India. In export front, the company caters to many discerning customers both in the developing as well as developed countries. Moreover, the company exports Mechanical Seals to two European and one US Seal manufacturers, which are being marketed world over by those companies.

TRACK RECORD / SALIENT FEATURES The company introduced seals with carbon seal faces which are immune to failure due to dry running of pumps that has now become a standard in the Indian Pump Industry. The raw material for this critical component is being imported from Europe. The annual production for the FY 2022-23 was more than 12 million Seals.

The company has implemented the quality systems conforming to ISO 9001:2000 since May 2003 (presently ISO 9001:2015) and is certified by DAS Certification, UK.

The company produces all seal components (except spring and ceramic seal face) in-house which ensures highest component quality and thereby ultimate product reliability.

In-house rubber compounding facility ensures highest degree of robustness for the critical rubber components of mechanical seals.

Since last few years, the company has successfully ventured into the manufacture of Seals using PTS sintered Carbon and Sic seal faces along with Viton / HNBR bellows for very critical applications.

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